Brett Sandusky is an experienced product management and marketing professional. Specializing in the publishing and media industries, Brett has overseen the development of various on- and offline digital products, mobile applications, and eCommerce implementations.  He built and ran a successful product innovation and incubation lab, and currently uses his expertise to grow immature businesses from the ground up, developing strategies for growth and maximizing ROI.

He is a regular contributor to UXMag and various other publications and blogs, teaches a course in book metadata and infrastructure at NYU’s graduate publishing program (SCPS, Center for Publishing), and is regularly invited to speak at conferences on topics such as digital marketing, data analysis, product development, UX and usability, and workflow.

Brett is the Founder & Principal of bdigitl Media Labs, a digital product incubator, UX shop, and product development consultancy. Brett is based in Brooklyn, New York but works with companies all over the world.

Building a product is not just about wireframes and requirements documents. It’s about finding and understanding a need. It’s about having a solid business plan and knowing where your product is going to take your business.

Building a product is about building a successful business.

A product is never complete; there is always room for iterative improvement. My approach to product development, for new products and those which have already been launched, is one of data collection, analysis, observation and learning. I believe that by truly knowing one’s customer, a company is able to anticipate her needs. It is in seeing one’s needs reflected back to oneself that we create attachments to the products we love.


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